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There’s something magical about springtime.

When we see the budding flowers and new leaves on the trees after a long hard winter, it can bring us hope that all will be okay. For me, even the harshest of winters can be a long gone memory after the first onset on spring. It must have helped my mindset immensely during my time in New York — I don’t think I could enjoy the city as much if I constantly remembered the dirty winters of each year.

That’s pretty powerful if you think about it. As humans, I think we can often…

It’s probably bizarre that I’ve rarely online shopped in this digital age. With all the power at our fingertips, we can easily browse around and click on a few buttons to purchase whatever we want. There is nothing that is not within reach — with enough money, one could buy boats and apparently army tanks.

Despite all the flexibility and ease, the time factor is still what has stymied me from buying more.

People who know me well will probably tell you that I have anxiety around buyer’s remorse. It’s made me very hesitant to pulling the trigger to buy…

I’m a novice at writing.

I’m pretty sure it’s obvious, but stating the obvious makes it undeniable. It’s funny, a couple weeks ago, I probably wouldn’t have cared. This medium blog was created initially as a place for me to just dump all the ideas and thoughts I had. Essentially, it’s very raw. While it’s a bit dangerous to leave unfiltered thoughts in the public plain eye, especially considering my unique name, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t just shout it into the world this way.

Making it public holds me accountable.

It also makes me want to improve…

Throughout my life, I’ve always really aspired to just focus on my career and nothing else. Perhaps relationships with significant others and friends, but aside from social aspirations, there has been no side project or hobby. This lifestyle meant that I often just worked (or did nothing particularly productive) in all my free time.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about work life balance a little bit more and what I would want to fill that time with. That’s been a difficult question thus far and I’m still looking for that answer.

It’s also important to understand my reasoning for a more…

I was talking to a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while yesterday over some ramen (yes, outdoor dining!) in the city and we arrived at the topic of introspection.

We were noting that seemingly successful people are very self introspective. They often took time out of their day to reflect on how things went and really tried to dig into the root cause of any issues or successes. Naturally, we both found this really impressive and a little intimidating. After all, it’s not that easy to do and not everyone is gifted in that department. …

By no means should this article serve as a guide for how one should go about the engineering interview cycles, but I just wanted to document my thoughts as I went through this time around.

For the first time in a while, I deliberately left work in order to be able to focus on looking for my next career step and prepare for the software engineering interview loops. At this point in time, I’ve come to understand the type of preparation and mental exhaustion that comes from going through these processes.

After spending two months in a sabbatical of sorts…

I often tend to think of everything as having a set of properties. Take myself for example:

These properties, collectively, are then looked upon as a filter of some sort for all sorts of purposes. Are you fit for the army? Do you fit the criteria for a romantic partner? And last but not least, do you qualify to work at company X? The same can be said about choosing the company you want to join:

Ten Loh

Software Engineer. I write for no one in particular.

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